Alana Brooke……. Zahava Bracha

Wawa, ( Alana Brooke Soumas) was born July 8, 1992.

She was our 2nd child and our daughter.

My 2 Golden Ladies

My 2 Golden Ladies

For both Michelle and I we wanted so very much to have a daughter to complement our 1st child, Michael.

Her Hebrew name is Zahava, meaning Gold. She is indeed our Golden Girl, now our Golden Lady.

Her middle name is Brooke,  Bracha  in  Hebrew, a blessing. She is named after Michelle’s Aunt Belle, Poppy’s,  ( Bernard Gersh, Michelle’s father)  sister. Aunt Belle was a very important part of our family and to say that she welcomed me into the family is an understatement. She meant the world to Michelle and as I got to know her, meant equally the same to me. Michelle and I had the chance to spend a vacation with her and Uncle Chet before our marriage and despite her illnesses she made the cross country trip for our Wedding on January 31, 1987 which meant so much to all of us.

We made a trip with Michael as an infant to meet Aunt Belle and the family out in Westchester, CA. and it was great. We stayed at our favorite hotel, The Marina Del Rey and spent a great week out there.

When we lost Aunt Belle on March 27, 1992 and the too young age of 69 years old, there was no more important dedication to Michelle and I than to name our child after Aunt Belle.

Halloween 1992

Halloween 1992

Alana, you have brought such pride to me and the family and even though I am today on the outside, looking in, I love you so very much. I am so very proud of you.Alana Soumas 1st Bday


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